BC Municipal Election 2022

These candidates have signed the Accessible Housing Pledge

Status: October 08, 2022

BurnabyCouncillorSav Dhaliwal
BurnabyCouncillorPietro Calendino
BurnabyCouncillorJames Wang
BurnabyCouncillorAlison Gu
BurnabyCouncillorDaniel Tetrault
BurnabyCouncillorReah Arora
BurnabyCouncillorAntara Deb
BurnabyCouncillorMaita Santiago
Comox Valley Regional DistrictCouncillorArzeena Hamir
CoquitlamCouncillorSteve Kim
CoquitlamCouncillorPhillip Buchan
KelownaCouncillorLoyal Wooldridge
KelownaCouncillorPeter Truch
KelownaCouncillorDavis Kyle
KelownaCouncillorLuke Stack
KelownaCouncillorMaxine DeHart
KelownaCouncillorBal Grewal
KelownaCouncillorMohini Singh
KelownaCouncillorTom Macauley
KelownaCouncillorDr. Gord Lovegrove
KelownaCouncillorJames Kay
KelownaCouncillorGreg Dahms
KelownaCouncillorChris Williams
KelownaCouncillorSusan Ames
KelownaMayorGlendon Charles Smedley
KelownaSchool TrusteeValene Johnson
KelownaSchool TrusteeWayne Broughton
KelownaSchool TrusteeJulia Fraser
KelownaCouncillorNoel Wentworth
KelownaCouncillorRon Cannan
KelownaCouncillorElaine McMurray
NanaimoCouncillorDon Bonner
North VancouverMayorMax McCormick
Port MoodyCouncillorAmy Lubik
RevelstokeMayorNicole Cherlet
RichmondCouncillorKeefer Pelech
RichmondCouncillorJack Trovato
RichmondCouncillorMark Lee
RichmondCouncillorEvan Dunfee
RichmondCouncillorFipe Wong
SurreyMayorJinny Sims
VancouverCouncillorChristine Boyle
VancouverCouncillorMatthew Norris
VancouverCouncillorIona Bonamis
VancouverCouncillorIan Cromwell
VancouverCouncillorLeslli Boldt
VancouverCouncillorPete Fry
VancouverCouncillorDr. Devyani Singh
VancouverCouncillorAdriane Carr
VancouverCouncillorStuart Mackinnon
VancouverCouncillorStephanie Smith
VancouverCouncillorMichael Wiebe
VancouverSchool TrusteeHilary Thomson
VancouverSchool TrusteeSteve Cardwell
VancouverPark Board Commissioner
John Irwin
VictoriaMayorStephen Andrew
VictoriaCouncillorSusan Kim
VictoriaCouncillorSandy Janzen
VictoriaCouncillorJulia Alvarez
VictoriaCouncillorJason Jones
West KelownaSchool TrusteeChantelle Desrosiers

DAWN Canada Fact Sheet, 2014 

“Women with disabilities face high levels of poverty and unemployment, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to being able to meet their housing and financial needs. In addition to financial barriers, women with disabilities face issues of access, which include inaccessible buildings, as well as being subjected to discriminatory housing practices… securing affordable, accessible and safe housing remains a significant issue and challenge for women with disabilities across Canada.” 

Community Living BC and Inclusion BC, 2020

“Many structural factors continue to work against the goal of independent living. There is a lack of affordable and accessible housing options in communities throughout B.C., and especially in rural and more remote communities. The cost of rent in most regions of B.C. has well exceeded the resources available to most individuals with disabilities from government assistance and employment income. The timing of available housing and available supports do not always coincide, making independent living more difficult to achieve.” 

Living with Disability in Inaccessible Housing: Social, Health and Economic Impacts; University of Melbourne, 2020 

Greater mobility impairments increased the probability of falls, pain and poor self-rated health although this effect was significantly moderated by external housing modifications. Among older adults with severe mobility impairments, external housing modifications reduced the probability of falls by 3% (1%-6%), pain by 6% (4%-8%), and poor health by 4% (2%-5%). Moreover, external housing modifications reduced the probability of no social activities by 6% (5%-7%) and moving home by 4% (2%-5%) even among those without any mobility impairments. Internal housing modifications had similar, but less consistent effects on the disability outcomes.” 

Disability Considerations for Measuring Poverty in Canada Using the Market Basket Measure; 2022 


“…inaccessible housing severely harms the dignity, freedom, social inclusion, economic productivity, health and wellbeing of people with mobility restrictions; and, that housing built to accessible standard can deliver substantial benefits for people with mobility restrictions, across all these life domains. These findings have both economic and social justice implications, which, as argued by Dalton and Carter (2020), are closely interconnected.”